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General objectives:

arnica Elaboration of the cartographic materials to characterize the natural frame, evaluation of the economic potential to identify the pressure of the anthropic factors; analysis of the socio-cultural elements; evaluation of the natural ecosystems to use the medicinal and food resources.
arnica Analizing the morpho-pedo-climatic conditions to achieve agro cultures, make maps with the negative impact risk on the bioresources with therapeutic and nutritional importance.
arnica Inventory and selection of bioresources of grasslands and forest areas, with capitalization potential for collecting and preconditioning plant material, establishment of the plant species with phytotherapeutic and nutritional importance, taking them to cultures achievement.
arnica Assessment of the ethno-pharmaceutical traditions to identify species with ethno-pharmaceutical importance in the area studied; phytochemical evaluation of the plant material taken from agro-sylvic ecosystems, related to the area.
arnica Conservation and capitalization of the genetic resources in plants with phytotherapeutic and nutritional importance in the studied area, by implementing techniques of organic cultures and the use of conventional techniques/ in vitro multiplication, for in situ and ex situ  breeding in species with medicinal importance and/or rare and endangered.
arnica Obtaining phytopreparations and food supplements, tonic and tonic–digestive products, aromatic and balsamic vinegars on the basis of the local traditions.
arnica Elaboration of an integrated model regarding the preservation and the capitalization of the bioresources for food and phytherapeutic aims by establishing the species interesting from the agro-sylvic point of view, with potential in sustainable rural development in the Mountain Valley of Bistrita (making a Capitalization Guide).